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About Citrico

Influenced by recipes from the southern states of Mexico (Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Puebla, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas) the dishes at Citrico are prepared using fresh authentic Mexican ingredients with accents of citric flavors. The restaurant’s large front windows, bright dining area and open kitchen add to the feeling that you’ve been transported 2,000 miles away to enjoy a Mexican home-cooked meal. Family-owned and operated, Citrico opened on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights Brooklyn in the spring of 2014.

Owners, Noor and Luis met working in a small Italian café in Nolita. Noor had just moved to New York after graduate school and was also working in sales and social media marketing for a food start-up. Luis was a career chef, having worked in various New York kitchens over the last decade. They both love to eat and experience New York City’s massive restaurant scene. They dreamed of having their own kitchen where they could create straightforward dishes with rich flavors and traditional ingredients. Two years later, after their daughter was born, they decided tap into their entrepreneurial spirits, combine their knowledge of food and business, and bring El Sabor Citrico de Mexico to Brooklyn.

At Citrico, we draw inspiration from the vibrant culinary traditions of the southern states of Mexico, including Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Puebla, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Our mission is to serve you authentic Mexican dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients and infused with delightful citric flavors. Step inside our restaurant and be transported 2,000 miles away, to our open kitchen, an atmosphere reminiscent of a cozy Mexican home.

While our journey began with Noor and Luis, who met while working at a small Italian café in Nolita, circumstances have evolved. Noor, driven by her passion for the restaurant and her commitment to our valued clientele, continues to oversee and cater to your needs. With her extensive experience in sales and social media marketing for a food start-up, she ensures that Citrico remains a place where you can indulge in exceptional flavors and warm hospitality.

Luis, a seasoned chef with a decade of experience in New York’s culinary scene, contributed his expertise to the creation of our straightforward yet richly flavorful menu. Together, Noor and Luis shared a deep love for food and a desire to bring their own unique vision to life. After the arrival of their daughter, they embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, combining their culinary prowess and business acumen to establish El Sabor Citrico de Mexico in the heart of Brooklyn.

Noor, now at the helm of Citrico, upholds the values of family-owned and operated establishments, ensuring that you receive the same dedication, quality, and passion that have been the hallmark of our restaurant since its inception in 2014.

Join us at Citrico, where the essence of Mexico’s culinary heritage continues to flourish. We invite you to savor the flavors, embrace the warmth, and become part of our extended family.

What our Customer's Say!

  •   I recomend the salmon so delicious!!   I been here  two times  , i really recomend this place!

    thumb Ruth G.

      I was the only person here on a Saturday at 6pm, which was baffling because the food was great! I had a guava agua fresca, the elote, and the salmon... read more

    thumb Patricia D.

      I've been looking for a great local Mexican spot in my area (harder to find than I had hoped). I tried this spot on a whim with my friend and... read more

    thumb Moranda B.
  •   No notes. Best torta I've have in a long while. The agua fresca wasn't a sugar bomb like most of the places make it around here (no offense to sugary... read more

    thumb Paul O.

      Unassuming small Mexican eatery with open kitchen and delicious food! I love that you can look into the open kitchen and see a small woman cooking chicken in a GIANT... read more

    thumb Rosa C.

      Amazing restaurant! The food was excellent they have amazing vegan options. Servers are great, love the decorations and the music. Would recommend to everyone! 10/10.

    thumb Michael B.
  •   I love this place!
    Everything I've eaten here has been excellent.  Highlights are great ceviche, elote, and the best mole in the area, hands down.
    Its small and intimate space is charming,... read more

    thumb Woody R.

      My friend and I just got the chicken soup (red instead of green) it was so good. Definitely going to be a delivery staple to go.

    thumb Ann W.

      I really enjoyed this place both times I went! The food was delicious, service was excellent & the drinks were very tasty!

    thumb Monique R.