Thank You

2014. What a roller coaster of a year! And  for the first post on the last hour of 2014 we want to say Thank You!

To our fans (and our critics), we appreciate your praise and learn through you comments.  Thank you to all of those that celebrated birthdays, graduations, first dates, holidays, and moving days 🙂 with us.  Thank you to all who recommended us to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.  It make us smile to know you enjoyed Citrico so much, you spread the word.

Thank you for waiting patiently through August while we installed our AC, ad even more patiently through the fall when we got our liquor license.  We remember your many, many, calls…. calmly inquiring “Did you get it yet?  Can we bring our out of town guest in for fish tacos and a cold beer?” Until the day we could FINALLY respond “YES! Come eat, drink and be merry after a few micheladas!”

Thank you to our team, our lovely Citrico team. We are so grateful for your hard work and talent.  All that you do, day after day, week after… it does not go unnoticed. To our family and friends… thank you for all the success you’ve wished upon us and all the support you’ve shown us.

To those who came from far away or who came everyday we want to say THANK YOU for an incredible 2014!

We can’t to spend 2015 cooking it up for you!